Breaking records in Swansea’s Bloor West!


Our investor client; incredibly smart and successful in his day job wanted more. He wanted to use his assets, equity and time to make additional income.

Searching for the right fit, we found him an incredible property located in Swansea’s own Bloor West Village. We loved this property for its location, earning potential and the amazing vision our client foresaw. 

See below for the amazing before & after transformation!

This was not an easy negotiation with 8 other offers on the table we needed to win and we needed to stand out. Note: this doesn’t always just mean the most money! We implemented our strategy and negotiated our way to winning that night. Multiple offer presentations are not everyone’s strength but we know precisely how to make sure your best offer is given its best shot.

Over the next year we stayed connected throughout the process, from the tribunal meeting to the committee of adjustment no stone was left unturned. Surpassing even my own high standards he built one of the most sought after homes in Bloor West. 

Now came the fun part. We got to show off this meticulous property to its best potential. From extensive marketing, property styling and media coverage we pulled a record breaking sale for the highest selling detached house on that lot size to date.

This is what we love, the time, the effort, the wait, the reveal, and then the SALE and the happiness that all parties share. We want our clients to be more than just happy with their real estate decisions we want them to be successful and confident too.

You too can become a real estate investor with the passion and the vision of more. And even if you think you lack vision? We can help with that. Commit yourself to a side gig, become a landlord or do a renovation project. Nothing is too big or too small, we can help and we want the real estate market to help make you and your family achieve some goals, maybe some extra cash so you can get out there and do what you really want.

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