Christmas Kitchen Decor – DIY

Whether you want to get started now or are the last minute type. I have a quick set up that’s cute, easy and super cheap with everything available at your local hardware or dollar store!

What you will need (all linked below as well):

  1. Mini (or medium sized) wreaths, however many you think will work in your kitchen size (I used 4).
  2. Command 3M stick on door hooks.
  3. Ribbon of your choice (should be at least 1″ wide).
  4. Scissors, Glue gun, and glue.


  1. Place wreath backside down and secure desired length of ribbon.
  2. Glue down the end to make a loop through the wreath leaving a little room (don’t make the loop too tight or it won’t sit well).
  3. Next cut same the size ribbons lengths for your other wreaths (mine were around 25”).
  4. While they dry, place command hooks on the inside of your cupboard doors making sure to keep them at the same height throughout*
  5. Lastly, tie a tight knot, (it may take 1-2 tries for it not to slip off). Mine have stayed secure and I haven’t had to readjust.
  6. ***Note: Since writing this, I learned that hanging the command hooks UPSIDE down is much easier/ helps in keeping the ribbon from sliding!

☃️ All done! Shop this post below & everything you will need. Comment to let me know if you’re using this DIY trick!


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