About Me

Hi! I’m Colleen

Property stylist, home stager and real estate addict. Wife to my work & life partner Johnny Nunno. Together we have 2 boys, under 2; Dante & Julian. Here I hope to share with you all; our real estate life, my passion for home decor, before & afters, style, and of course as much I can MOMLIFE related.

Ever since I was a child I remember constantly redecorating my room, moving around my furniture and “staging” my parents house. They would come home to the “reveal” which SURPRISE, was a redecorated living room! I would pull out wedding photos, old decor stored away, and even set out a serving table complete with crystal glasses, a water decanter, etc – you know like the ones that soap operas have out for guests and such? Well I got lots of my great ideas from afternoon soaps, everyone there had water decanters why didn’t we?!

Shortly after my parents ended my in-house design career (lol), I moved onto graduate at University of Toronto with an Honours Bachelor of Arts, in Political Science and International Relations. While studying I worked many part time jobs but found myself fascinated by real estate. I worked multiple roles at my local Re/Max as well as worked part-time as a marketing assistant for a successful real estate team. My passion was obvious, and the management, owners, and fellow agents all encouraged me to pursue a career in real estate so I decided once I finished university I would get my license to start selling! 

Fast forward, real life set in and I thought to myself I should probably get a non-commission based job first while I sort out my license. Shortly after I found myself in Corporate Banking, specifically Marketing & Events for one of the top Financial Institutions. The banking life is all consuming as those of you in it will know so I put my real estate life on hold as I strived to do my ultimate best in my new career.

I would always hear how great my job was, or how lucky I was to have such an exciting career. BUT something was missing! I didn’t feel right and as much as I worked hard to be better and better I never felt satisfied. Then I met my (soon to be) husband funny enough a successful real estate agent himself! As a part owner of a prominent brokerage on the Danforth we had so much in common. A couple years after we were married, naturally I began becoming more involved with Johnny’s business and partnering up to help with his marketing, as well as using my passion for home decor to help his sellers get their home show ready! It seemed like the more and more I worked at my corporate job the more I wanted to be involved day to day with “our real estate life”. So I made the risky, and very scary decision to resign from my corporate job and pursue real estate and design full time!

From that moment on I have never looked back! Our business is thriving and we love working together to ensure we bring the absolute best aspects of real estate to our individual clients needs, whether its Johnny’s investment insight, negotiation, or my design and marketing we have come together to bring the best of the real estate worlds together all-in-one!